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The Australian Women’s Network (AWN) is a global referral network, which provides an online platform for women in business to connect and achieve success in business, through online referrals and networking. The mission created is to Inspire Greatness in women in all areas of their lives.  AWN aims to provide the resources and tools to empower women, families and communities throughout the world. AWN was created by women, for women and encompasses the ‘Five To Thrive’ areas of success: business, community, financial, physical and social.

Australian Women’s Network makes it easy for women to find, share and create information and referral networks. AWN is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to Inspire and Empower women online, throughout the world. By joining this Global partnership, women will have access to experts in all areas of business, including Entrepreneurs, Corporate Business, Small Business, Mastermind Groups and Community Leaders.

No matter which stage of business each Australian Women’s Network member is at, there will be another member of this network who can offer support and advice from their business experience to enable members to leverage their business success. AWN also runs annual, face to face, networking events and leadership programs throughout Australia and global in 2017.



The mission of the network is to help women to harness and develop their amazing leadership qualities, as well as to speed up the empowerment of women through a 360 degree leadership development and a professional global network.


The Australian Womens Network tagline is “Inspiring Greatness”. Our members are an extension of our brand and our network embodies the following elements:

Trust – Members are advocates of each other’s successes;

Strength and Courage – Members seek to work together and lift each other up;

Find the How – Together with the advice of industry leaders, thought leaders and the broader network, members can achieve anything;

Growth – Members are dedicated to lifelong learning to be the best versions of themselves;

Together – Members recognised that no-one gets anywhere on their own and always be willing to support and help.

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Yearly Membership $168.00

Join the Australian Womens Network today! Membership is open to both men and women and includes exclusive pre-sale access to tickets and events, valuable business opportunities plus a whole range of exciting benefits. Visit our Membership Benefits page for more information and register today.

meet francesca

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Francesca Thorne is the Founder and CEO of Australian Women’s Network. Her story after leaving the corporate world after 30 years in Corporate Management in Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing and Training. Francesca’s story is her strong desire to inspire greatness in millions of women all over the world. To unite and share their stories to empower one another, by taking control of their lives.

A seasoned professional with extensive experience at Executive Management levels across various industries, with an excellent track record in enhancing business profitability by driving revenue and expense strategies to create marketing opportunities and customer solutions. An entrepreneurial leader and strategic thinker, who is willing to challenge the existing status quo to ensure the business adapts to a changing market, and has a proven ability to transform ideas into realistic and achievable business and action plans. A Manager with the capacity to promote and build a highly motivated and engaged team to ensure the desired outcomes of the company, team and the individual are achieved. Fran is married to her wonderful soul mate Lindsay and between them, have five adult children and two grandchildren so far.