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Barry NicolaouAuthor of ‘The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment’ and successful entrepreneur, Barry Nicolaou believes that finding a perspective on passion and personal-truth is the answer to performing exceptionally well and living a fulfilled life.

What do you hope to articulate to the audience at the IMD event?

A profound understanding of the possibility of becoming the best version of ourselves possible; looking at this from an abundance, relationship, soul-connection and prosperity standpoint.

What drives you to where you are today?

A realisation of limited time and a deep desire to Live Life on Purpose with urgency. Having limited time brings the focus to living your true purpose.

What tools, do you think, every Australian man needs to fine-tune to be a balanced, well-rounded, happy human being?

Firstly, to identify the correlation between self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love and their connection to manifesting healthy relationships. To secondly identify and connect with how we transition our emotions from a negative state, to a state of appreciation for all situations brought before us.

Why should people register for this event?

People should come along to this event if they’re after a transformational gathering of like-minded people in pursuit of better life decision making. If you’re after growth – you need to be here.

What does the IMD event offer to participants that makes it different to other events aimed at men?

This event is run to encourage men to speak out about looking within. It facilitates the connection between heart and head which enables more heart-based decisions to be reached and deeper sense of connection between other men.

What concerns you the most with the physical, mental and spiritual health of Australian men?

The inability to self-diagnose a prolonged negative state of mind combined with defining what constitutes mental toughness.

What advice/top three tips can you recommend to Australian men to better themselves in the short and long term?

Talk about it, talk about it, talk about it.

After the IMD event, what will guests walk away with?

An understanding of transformational growth from looking within while having the courage to speak out when something isn’t right within themselves or another.

What has been the foundation of your passions and successes in your life so far?

Family, combined with an understanding that if I say to my daughter to reach for the stars, I must lead by example. Don’t do as I say, do as I do. Recognising the falsehoods in parents asking children to reach their full potential, when they are not willing to reach for it themselves.

What do you look forward to in the next five to ten years?

Watching my daughter grow up to become limitless.

What online resources / books do you recommend that Australian men (and women) tap into to harness their full potential?

Any book or audio recording of Dr Wayne Dyer would be the best reading material you can get your hands on if your aim is to Live your True Purpose.

How can a person be truly happy? What steps or strategies can maximise these possibilities?

We need to realise that happiness is an inside job. Most look for happiness through external trips, experiences and other people to make them happy – but unless we make the decision to be a happy person – no external stimuli would satisfy the craving entirely. Self-love, self-appreciation and gratitude for everything that enters your domain is key to happiness.

In three words or less, how would you describe yourself in a nutshell?

Live YOUR life.

How do you quantify and quality the definition of success?

I’ve always loved the words of Earl Nightingale when defining success. He said, “The definition of success is in the pursuit of a worthy ideal”. In our material world, many pursue success in terms of the accumulation of material possessions. However, in many cases this is a very narrow view of success, as our material possessions are then directly tied in with our self-worth. When/if our possessions go, our self-worth goes with it. If you are pursuing a worthy ideal – e.g pursuing a better relationship with others or self, this goal once reached would make you a successful person and will also form part of your character for the rest of your life. Despite our society throwing evidence to the contrary, the aim of life is not solely anchored in material gain or some sort of illusionary ‘security’, Our aim is personal growth through understanding oneself and how best to be of service to others while we’re here.

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