Global Ambassadors

Katerina Kapellaki

Interior design is a thought-spirit ordering way of life for me. It's an art form. It is also the best way I can return to the world the beauty and warmness of heart it has shown me through coluor, harmony, order, and appeal. When I step inside a room, be it empty or furnished, the walls, the light, the size, the ideas, ultimately, they talk to me.

The number of days the state says we should work on a weekly basis is the same number of continents (5) I have worked projects on - residential and commercial alike. I am constantly up to date with products and resources globally. I have written for upmarket magazines on interior design and have been in over 100 media mediums internationally. I’ve held numerous masterclasses internationally, been on the HIA judging panel for the past 4 years and had my own pay per view TV show in the USA. I have previously also had my own radio show on interior design in the USA.

I’ve been designing high-end furniture for a while now and I’ve managed my own projects in the ELITE Emirates Hills in Dubai - where only the best are invited. I have created a global interior design mastery course, following the launch of my newly released book called Interior Design Decadence by Katerina Kapellaki.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients from all over the globe create more wealth and financial freedom. I have a passion for property fashion, and with over a decade of industry experience, I’m highly passionate about providing property owners, investors, builders and real-estate professionals with the best possible solutions.

"We are here to make a difference; that is why social change is moulded into our business model. Each profit experience is tied to a non-profit initiative".

I believe in turning passion to magic. I believe in giving back. My purpose is to take the world by storm, one room and one "Happy Home" at a time.

Step into my world, or let me step into yours and introduce you to a bit of decadence, my art form.

Marsh Engle

CEO of Marsh Engle Media and Founder of THE ONE MILLION CALLED TO LEAD®

Marsh Engle has spent 20 years leading a worldwide movement supporting women to build brands and projects, careers and businesses impacting millions. She started her entrepreneurial career, including multiple successful start-ups, as a single mother of two young sons.

Her work has been recognized with a United States Congressional Proclamation. On June 14, 2016 in Washington, D.C. she served as a delegate at THE UNITED STATE OF WOMEN, a program sanctioned by The White House and led by the First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Best known as a multi-published author of the AMAZING WOMAN book series and as a highly inspired speaker and mentor to entrepreneurial women and career visionaries, Marsh also consults with major corporations and media studios on women’s brand initiatives.

She has served on the advisory board for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, has produced media campaigns for Susan G. Komen Foundation and has been featured in a documentary produced by Produced events at The White House during the Clinton administration.

Later this year, with the release of her new book: THE CALL TO LEAD: WOMEN. PURPOSE. AND THE POWER TO SUCCEED, Marsh offers a rally call of inspired action, moving women to stand in their value, achieve their dreams and live higher success.

The Marsh Engle Radio Show broadcasts each week on VoiceAmerica Women, where she speaks to a global audience about what it takes to create lives of meaning, careers of passion, business with spirit, and the power of saying ‘yes’ to higher success!

Quote by Marsh: “All my life I’ve felt the pull to move women to a sacred space of leadership, to recognise our true power to create, to contribute. For as long as I can remember, my heart has longed to witness a day on which every woman will stand in her full value — uniquely, individually, brilliantly – today is that day!”

WE RISE-UP IN OUR CALL TO LEAD! – Marsh Engle is an inspirational woman and we are honored to have our first International Ambassador at AWN.


Ron Malhotra

Ron Malhotra Honorary Ambassador of IMD, AFP® PGrad. Bus. ADFS (FP) MBA AFA AChFP is an award-winning Financial Advisor, International Speaker, Advanced Mindset and Success Coach, Certified Leadership Trainer, Radio Host and a #1 Best-Selling Author.
Ron's passion is to empower people, by delivering a comprehensive and leading success formula that is based on the most advanced psychology of success and proven fundamentals of wealth and prosperity.

Ron is achievement-obsessed and is an influential motivator, Ron has the unique ability to inspire and transform people's thinking that is holding them back from achieving personal or financial success.

Ron is an experienced media interviewee and speaker and is available for speaking and presenting on any matters related to success principles, personal growth and wealth creation. Ron's views are featured regularly in the media and have been published on ABC, Financial Review, CNN, Money Magazine Financial.
Observer, IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), Investing Daily, Fox News, Wallstreet Select and Small Business Trendsetters. Ron is featured in Motivational Speakers Australia as a professional speaker.

Ron is also a qualified and Award-Winning Financial Advisor and the founder and Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management, a wealth management firm based in Melbourne Australia.

Helene Polydorou

Helene Polydorou - Ambassador for AWN comes from an extensive background in Hairdressing, Beauty, Human Science & Nutrition and Salon Business Coach.

Successfully running 4 of her own salons with a large team, realised this was not here path. During this time as a multi business owner meeting people every day, hearing their problems, hopes, dreams and financial struggles, felt she had to find another way. Helene’s turning point was when she lost her mother to cancer at the young age of 56. Helene was only 23 years of age and started to question why, today it is 1 in 3.   So, 12 years ago Helene gave it all up and found her purpose and created Complete Lifestyle Solutions.   After researching what was available for health and wellness, Helene found Modere.  Modere is her passion and belief, with the Modere mission to create 20 million healthy homes has become her vehicle along with her husband Nick to make a difference.  Helene’s mission is to also educate her Industry about toxins and harmful ingredient’s and to look at safer alternatives.  12 years on, Helene leads a global team of leaders in her organization and together are making a difference.

Complete Lifestyle Solutions was created by the amazing Helene Polydorou and has helped thousands of people over the years.  Her knowledge and understanding of our needs and if there is something you need, Helene will find out. Some of the amazing programs that Helene can support you is the Complete Weight Release, Detox, Menopause, Lifestyle change and much more.

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