Katerina Kapellaki International

Katerina Kapellaki

Interior design is a thought-spirit ordering way of life for me. It’s an artform, as well as it is the best way I can return to the world the beauty and warmness of heart it’s shown me through color, harmony, order and appeal. When I step inside a room, be it empty or furnished, the walls, the light, the size, the ideas, ultimately, they talk to me. I know every practitioner pertaining to a certain life domain will have only good things to say about his area of expertise, making you wonder if not all human enterprises are good, beautiful and useful. You can look at it from the other side of the coin and off-balance the idea, implying that each individual, either if he’s working in the most beautiful environment in the world or the most harmful one, will try to offer purpose to his work, boosting his meaning in life and granting himself a stylized, non-realistic image. There are times when we need to do that, and there are times when our art precedes our chiseled words and speaks for itself.



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