The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is both an online portal and live platform, that features industry thought leaders. It’s a ‘niched’ to the “guru’s” of their industry. This platform is for only MD’s / CEO’s or industry specialists at the top of their game. The Leadership Academy features events that companies may already be running, that is open to other senior executives to attend (eg. AIM, VU). We at AWN provide another platform for you to market these events (Given our demographic is highly target at c-suite executives).

The Leadership Academy will also feature Directors who have created specific events based on the needs and or requests of other Executives and CEO’s, who are seeking specific capability development from recognised experts. The events may be live and or remote or prerecorded (eg. webinars / podcasts). The Leadership Academy will be run all across Australia and eventually internationally as well.

This will give you a forum to come into pre filled events – where we have cross promoted to databases (where you have shared what you will be educating / teaching / workshopping – our members will get “real value” learning from you). There is no criteria for our members to attend the event – these events are free. (However to stop people not showing we take credit card details with $35.00 in holding. What this mean is, if someone doesn’t show up to the event, they will only be charged for the opportunity loss to someone else to have that spot.

In addition if you are part of the leadership academy, you can host additional events (which may attribute associated costs because they are in a more elite environment). E.g. – 3 hour workshop on Facebook @ $299 a person limited to 20 people (but we would ask that it is communicated what the actual results one would get from attending this workshop would be).

To be part of the Leadership Academy, you can either be invited complimentary, or you can submit an expression of interest form. You must fit the relevant criteria to be accepted.

If you submit an expression of interest to be part of the leadership academy there is an associated cost of $198.00 per annum. As well as a % off the backend of ticket, service and or product sales to allow us to market and advertise the leadership academy in the relevant platforms.

Part of the responsibilities associated with sitting on the foundation are:

  • To be part of a minimum of 2 free leadership academy events a year for all our members (these event details must allow for a minimum of 45 days to fill the event)
    promoted to both your database and AWN
  • To run a series (minimum 4) of your own events which would be promoted to your database as well as to AWN
  • To contribute to our blog / vlog and or Facebook community, with content and or resources to assist education to our members


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