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Louise Stephens – Creator of Live What You Love Business Coaching is a branding, business strategy & retention expert helping powerful coaches, healers & heart centered entrepreneurs to turn their passion into their own business by empowering them to become the courageous and confident women they truly are!
For just shy of 9 years Louise worked for Australia’s Largest Travel Retailer. Progressing from front end retail, into leadership positions & then finally finding her passion as a career coach.After analyzing an already successful business model, she identified, implemented and drove key business strategies to improve employee retention, overall sales performance and general health and well-being among the employees she coached nationally.

As a result, in 2015, Louise led her team to not only being recognized but winning a National AHRI Award for Talent Management.
After investing in a start up business & struggling to maintain her high standards in both, in late 2016 Louise left her corporate career behind to embark on a new adventure.
​Within 24 hours of celebrating her farewell, Louise came to see that life wasn’t all that she believed it to be.

​Immediately recognizing that she was in an abusive relationship with her business mentor now business partner, she found the courage to walk away & start anew.
​Medically unfit to work, suffering severe anxiety, depression, paranoia & social withdrawal, Louise lay on the floor of her apartment vowing to do whatever it took to heal herself & turn her passion for business coaching into her own business.

Spending most of 2017 homeless, couch surfing between family & friends in both Australia & New Zealand Louise was determined not to give up! Investing time in developing her coaching toolkit with formal education, a business mentor & commitment to continuous personal growth.
In November 2017 Louise returned to Melbourne; a place she now calls home. Passionate about business & helping women succeed, she now offers coaches, healers & heart centered entrepreneurs from all over the globe assistance with channeling their passion, growing their businesses & creating lives they truly deserve.
Iron Armour Academy
22 Drake Blvd
Altona, Victoria, Australia
IRON ARMOUR ACADEMY is a non-for-profit organisation, based on Christian Values, dedicated to assisting young people, in relation to improving their life skills and sporting development through our various training, mentoring and scholarship programs that are generally not offered to or available.

Our Vision is to build a new breed of athlete that would be strong spiritually and physically to be the best athlete on and off the field, fulfilling their purpose and impacting their families, peers and communities for Jesus Christ.

IRON ARMOUR ACADEMY is a not-for-profit organisation based on Christian Values, dedicated to assisting young people to improve their sporting and life skills. This is achieved through our various training and mentoring programs, which allows them to become valued members of the greater community. With over many years of combined experience, the IAA team delivers quality services to individuals and their communities.
Our Vision
To nurture a new breed of athletes that will be both strong spiritually and physically. This will enable them to be the best they can be on and off the field, to fulfill their purpose and to be a positive impact within their families, peers and communities for Jesus Christ.
​Our Mission
To equip each athlete with tools so that they will be prepared both spiritually and mentally. This is achieved through holistic mentoring, pastoral care and bible studies to guide them in their journey to identifying identify their life’s purpose.
​IAA aims to prepare its participants physically through state of the art fitness training delivered by trainers, athletes and strength & conditioning coaches, which provide an edge for athletes to reach their desired goals. This ultimately encourages them to become positive influences, developing their abilities to serve and give back to their families, peers and communities.
​IAA also aims to endow participants with a positive attitude and outlook through the guidance of bible teachings, and ministerial care. We aim to encourage the growth of stronger ties to community, embody a sense of faith and respect in our youth, and equip participants with a lasting, positive attitude to serve them in the greater world.
​Our Values

Faith and Respect.

Integrity and Commitment.

Family and Culture.

Love and Humility.

Our Goals

Renew   –    Renew the mindset, renewed attitude.

Equip     –    Equip with the tools to help make the right choices.

Release  –   Release to grow and to serve.

0401 465 807
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Jeremy (Jez): A trade qualified painter and decorator in Castlemaine for almost 20 years, he has experienced the highs and lows associated with the building industry financially, physically and mentally and would like tradies to be more conscious of how depression, stress, tiredness and frustration can impact their lives and loved ones around them.

“The pain of regret is far greater than the pain of hard work.”

Tradies are one group that suffer mental illness and many of them will not have the information or confidence to access local or national mental health services. Talking about depression, anxiety, suicide and life’s difficulties are not part of the tradie culture.
Consequently, tradies suffer in silence and do not access the help that will improve their life.

HALT’s vision is that every tradie in Australia knows how to look after their mental health and wellbeing.
HALT builds the bridge between the tradie community and both local and national mental health services.
HALT’s focus is suicide prevention and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health issues like suicide, depression and anxiety.
HALT facilitates this by holding “Save your Bacon” brekkies at hardware stores.
A free feed, talks from people with lived experience in the trade and a HALT bag that contains information from both local community mental health organisations and national organisations like beyondblue and lifeline.
HALT embraces a whole-of-community approach by engaging, where possible, with local community health services, Rotary/Lions Clubs, sporting clubs, tradies, business owners, local council, hospitals, private practitioners and the local community.
HALT has held events at hardware stores, private businesses, TAFEs, and secondary colleges.

‘HALT’s ‘Save your Bacon’ brekkies are an important initiative to bring the community together to talk about the tough stuff. Let’s face it, no matter how strong we are – life happens. Someone close to us dies, we have relationship issues, we’re lonely, our business goes through a rough patch, we struggle to get out of bed and don’t know why. When things aren’t quite right, it’s good to know where to turn for help. It’s great that HALT are showing people where they can turn to for help.’
Brendan Maher, General Manager, R U OK?

The Path of The Horse
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Horses helping us heal.

At the Path of the Horse we aim to assist people of all ages and from all walks of life who seek better mental health and well-being. Our work is a powerful, effective and empathetic approach that assists our clients make positive change.  We help people become more self-aware about themselves which will enable them to make clearer choices about their lives. Through bringing about ‘awareness’, we work on ways to help heal, manage, build resilience, enjoy better relationships, and maintain better mental health. We welcome people just the way they are along with all their feelings and emotions.

We proudly support veterans, emergency service personnel and their families and others better manage conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. We help young people discover coping mechanisms and assist them to understand their feelings and make aware choices. We work with people with Autism, those battling addictions, self-harm, grief and many other conditions.

Why Horses

Horses model some wonderful behaviours for us to follow when we learn to listen and walk their path. Horses live in a constant state of awareness that has enabled them to survive for millions of years. They always notice what is happening in their environment, what is happening with their feelings and their bodies.  Horses have an amazing ability to release stress and a truly unique capacity to share their empathy with humans. They never judge, they are completely honest and are our much-loved assistants in the healing process. They are great listeners too.   

No previous horse experience is required, just an open mind and a willingness to encounter a new way of allowing yourself to feel. You may be invited to meet the whole herd, take time groom one, participate in controlled lead work, perhaps a mounted experience or just share space with one of the herd that you feel drawn to.

What we do

Our clients are invited to take part in safe activities with the horses and then if they wish, process their experience, feelings and thoughts. Many of the experiences people have with our herd relates readily to life situations and can offer the opportunity to explore how we are in our relationships with others or how we are coping with life’s challenges. We will also demonstrate techniques that help people be calm and regain control.

We focus entirely on supporting individuals and their needs in private sessions. We also assist various organisations to build stronger relationships through improved understanding, communication, and leadership. Maintaining our clients physical and emotional safety and that of our herd is our priority always.

We also offer the Horse Wisdom Program (TM Equine Psychotherapy Institute) which is a comprehensive program that will take individuals or groups through Awareness, Boundaries, Feelings, Thoughts and Facing Challenges.
We are not a riding school or trail riding business.

Who We Are

The Path of the Horse is a Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission. All proceeds to the Charity to support our clients, horses and operations.  Dean Mighell is the Founder, Director and Practitioner. Dean trained with and is certified by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute as an Equine Assisted Learning practitioner and has also done trauma training and is currently studying at the Gestalt Institute of Australia.  Our Board is made up of volunteer Directors committed to the Charity and good governance. We are greatly assisted by a dedicated group of Volunteers, Veterans and locals.

Where we are located

The Path of the Horse operates very near the township of Trentham in Victoria’s Central Highlands an hour’s drive north of Melbourne along the Calder or Western Highways. We are surrounded by the beautiful Wombat State Forest and in a “Special Protection Zone” that supports conservation of our wildlife and habitat.  To find us, drive 1.7kms from the centre of Trentham along Cosmo Rd towards Blackwood then turn right on to Domino Rd (signposted on your left) and head west, our gate is 1.9kms on the right and clearly signed.
Contact Us

Call Dean Mighell on 0418354362 for further information or look us up on Facebook @ The Path of the Horse.

Please Support Us

We are a self-funded Charity. Ensuring we have trained, happy and healthy horses and maintaining the property we lease is a time consuming and expensive proposition and we need all the help we can get. If you can assist us with a donation to help us support our clients, sponsor a horse, provide horse feed or improve our facilities please contact us. All support is greatly appreciated.


A MENTORING project in Gisborne Victoria is bringing two generations together and building respect and learning.

The youth engagement organisation Kidz Flip founded in 2016 by Gisborne police Leading Senior Constable Jason Azzopardi joined with the Gisborne Men’s Shed earlier this year.  The partnership has allowed for teenagers who have met attendance expectations at school to go to the shed each Monday afternoon to hone trade skills learnt from retirees at the shed.


With solid relationships forming over the year, the venture has seen the construction of timber dog beds, subsequently sold at the Gisborne Olde Time Market as fundraising for Kidz Flip.  Other community projects such as making park benches have been completed.

Solving tech problems on modern devices such as smart phones have also been tackled with the youth, helping out the seniors, he said.  Leading-Sen-Constable Azzopardi said the dog beds made during the project flew out the door.  “The boys made them and the girls (involved in Kidz Flip) sold them at the market,” he said.

Sen-Constable Azzopardi said a strong focus in the year ahead would be projects supporting mental health and resilience, following a series of tragedies that had affected the organisation in 2017.  Another challenge for the group is linking youth to suitable non-mainstream education and training pathways following the recent announcement the Kyneton-based Macedon Ranges Satellite VCAL program won’t operate in 2018.  Kidz Flip is also looking to increase its successful camp program in 2018.

Partners include Macedon Ranges Health, Victoria Police and the Lancefield-Romsey Lions Club.

We are allways looking for new members. Inquiries: 0476 808 625.

No Limits Consulting – Paula Dunn
Creation of New Generation of Industry Leaders called “Limited Edition Leaders™” by the use of Scientifically proven methodology to empower and illuminate each individual’s Genius thereby making them stronger and resourceful leaders.

MISSION: Creation of New Generation of Industry Leaders called “Limited Edition Leaders™” by the use of Scientifically proven methodology to empower and illuminate each individual’s Genius thereby making them stronger and resourceful leaders.

Meet Paula

Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”
– Shakespeare, Twelfth Night.

The world is full of leadership programs promising to provide tools and techniques to assist those in Leadership roles. The problem with these programs, is that they are generic in approach with a one size fits all mentality. The 21st Century Leader is not a generic individual with one size fits all “fixed mindset”. Paula does not merely create Leaders, but “Limited Edition Leaders” through her Coaching and Mentoring Facilitation Programs.

Paula Dunn has managed people, large scale projects and funds in Corporate since the early 2000’s. She has worked her way up the Management Ladder and has ran Multi-Million-dollar Projects across Japan/APAC as well as Line Management of Direct Reports to fulfil their Key Performance Indicatiors and coaching them to reach their individual career goals.

She understands the complexity of working within teams, and with individuals and how to bring out their best on a personal & collective basis.

Paula through her years of experience, years of training both in the traditional and non-traditional sense, realises that Leadership has evolved and aims to fill the talent gaps and provide those critical life skills for New and Emerging Leaders in Industry. So that individuals can not only survive in the short-term (reactive sense of the word) that the current “Management Programs” provide, but also Thrive in long term (ie. pro-active, futuristic, and disruptive mentality). It is this “Long Term” approach that sustains the skills necessary for the Limited-Edition Leader to succeed in Business. Whether they are an “intrapreneur or an entrepreneur.”

Paula fills this gap in industry through her Coaching Practice “No Limits Consulting” by enabling the evolving Leader to fast track their Career by giving them the necessary “Life Skills” to succeed quickly and painlessly in their new management role. Paula inspires everyone she interacts with, to drive higher productivity, motivation, morale, and camaraderie as a ‘Limited Edition’ Leadership Mentor.

Paula has degrees in Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) and Masters of Science (Hons) as well as being a Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies, a Hypnotherapist, a Behavioural Profile Consultant, and Certified Coach.
She is also an ACC Member of International Coaching Federation, Certified Master Practitioner with “Australian Board of NLP” and “International Conscious Hypnosis & NLP Society”.

She volunteers her time and expertise within the “Young Leaders” Interest area and sits on the “Clinical Monitoring Advisory Board” within the Not-For-Profit Educational Organisation called ARCS Australia (Professional Development in Therapeutics – Pharmaceutical Industry).

On a Personal Level Paula’s Mission to the world is to:
“Live a Life with No Limits!”

Paula lost both parents over the past 8 years due to Chronic Diseases and understands that life is short-lived. Life is not a dress rehearsal. If not now, then when? If not me, then who?

We only have one life to live, and Paula would like to ask you this question “If today was your last day on Earth, how would you choose to spend it?” Have you figured out your Passion and Purpose yet? Have you positioned yourself to live it?

Let’s start a conversation to figure out your true calling and realign your Passions with your Dreams. Position yourself in turning your Dreams into Reality, Contact us to learn more.

VISION: To Create Happy Leaders, Happy Teams and Happy Cultures through one leader at a time.

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