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Beaconnected is a community-based proximity service app that allows users to receive exclusive offers, store information and promotions direct to their phone when they enter within a dedicated proximity of a participating business' beacon.


KORE identified that there was a need for a natural skincare that would absorb deep within the epidermis. A product that would stimulate and rejuvenate the skin's own defense system against premature signs of aging. KORE has investigated the use of natural ingredients, based on scientific research, resulting in the development of ‘KORE Complex™’.

How To Attract More Clients Who Refer Clients - 14 Creative Techniques

Learn the 14 Techniques to gain loyal clients who will refer more loyal clients to you with this quick and easy light read e-book.

Discover creative strategies that are FREE to use and require little effort to build a reliable business now.


- How to set you word-or-mouth-marketing-campaign (WOMMC)
- How to make your business represent the best of you.
- Create points of differentiation that will make your business stand out from the crowd.
- Discover ways of creating "best standard" practices.
- Discover some different options for creating satisfied clients.
- Leverage your give-aways.
- How to create more value with your products/services.

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