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ARTG #282405

NeuroSonica SmartSound™ is a very advanced form of brain audio that can produce a wide range of benefits – psychological, physiological, neurological and even auditory.

Our audio technology is included as a Medical Device within the Australian Government’s Register of Therapeutic Goods.

This does NOT mean we are a medical site or that we are licensed to give or imply medical or psychological advice or treatment of any kind.

What it DOES mean is that

  • We are offering you a sophisticated therapeutic technology with many provenbenefits, and that
  • We hold sufficient scientific evidence to support each of the claims we make for SmartSound™.

The Intended Purpose of SmartSound (ARTG extract):

“Neurosonica SmartSound™ is a medical device in the form of a programmed recording intended for the application of specially selected sound sequences that may provide the patient with selected therapeutic benefits… including assisting with stress and anxiety, insomnia and sleep quality, depression, ADHD, mild pain including headaches, PMS, tinnitus and heart rate variability (HRV). Therefore, via HRV, Neurosonica SmartSound may assist in increasing longevity, reducing hypertension, lowering obesity, assisting with coronary health, lowering stress and anxiety and improving emotional regulation”.

Live Better with SmartSound™ Solutions

Internationally Acclaimed Scientific Audio Used by Health Professionals and Airlines Worldwide

NeuroSonica SmartSound™ Technologies

Proven benefits for your Brain Mind and Body

NeuroSonica SmartSound™ is a New Genre of super effective brain audio technology. With our unique hybrid of scientific sound technologies and proprietary processes you’ll experience life-enhancing benefits for your brain, body, mind and ears found nowhere else. And, to substantiate our claims, we’re giving you a FREE short sample below! SmartSound™ is easy to use – no concentration or other skills are required. Simply press a button and let our evidence based EEG tested mindbody audio technologies do the rest. Use it to automatically boost and balance your brain for optimal performance at work, sport, study or play – or for complementary help with Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression and other conditions using the latest clinical applications of sound. Regular use produces rapid, ongoing results and a range of important benefits unique to SmartSound™. Safe, easy and enjoyable, it’s time to Renew Your Future!

SmartSound™ Synergy

Our unique hybrid audio technologies act in synergy giving you benefits that are •Psychological •Physiological •Neurological •Auditory Such a wide range of benefits simply cannot be achieved through ordinary ‘brain audio’, ‘mindfulness meditation’ or ‘brain games’.

Sounds too good to be true?

Download our Free audio sample BrainSpa and try it for yourself!

We’re proud to offer you the world’s most effective EEG tested brain audio

After 10 years R&D combining clinical brain training sound technologies, special proprietary techniques and other therapeutic audio processes, we now bring you a Science of Sound with outstanding benefits and applications found nowhere else. Our SmartSound™ technologies deeply engage your brain, body, mind and ears making them the only audio mind tools you’ll ever need for optimal wellbeing and better mental health. You can feel them working within minutes – and you’ll love the way they sound!



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